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The whole picture at your fingertrips with DIRIJOR.

A few words about DIRIJOR

DIRIJOR is asset and maintenance management software that helps to replace spreadsheets, expensive scanners, and costly software for real-time asset tracking and maintenance management. Our system is one of the most flexible and customizable systems available in the industry. In addition to assets and maintenance management, it optimizes and streamlines everything from auditing to facilities management to calibration tracking and so much more.


Why DIRIJOR is different?
See how DIRIJOR can help you.

Gain Creators

  Pain relievers

Precise documentation

Ensures consistency around assets documentation.

Reduced costs

Well-designed dashboards for better equipment tracking.

Seamless communication

Create new work orders and quickly assign them.

Optimized maintenance

Preventive and prescriptive approaches to predictive maintenance.

Industry expertise

Industry transformation with best-practice industry data models.

Custom notifications

Keep everyone informed automatically for improved efficiency and planning.

Custom workflow actions

Enhance your workflows for faster and easier asset management.

Configured to you

Break free of the requirements of out-of-the-box solutions.

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Asset Management

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Maintenance Management

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Inventory Management

Limit the risk of stockouts and inaccurate records with DIRIJOR.

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Technical Team Management

Work with a focused team that consistently delivers the best possible results.

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Energy Consumption Management

Define your energy efficiency level in real time and apply corrective measures.

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Purchasing Management

Seamlessly automate your purchasing processes.

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