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Provide a comprehensive, integrated and customized approach to assets and maintenance management.


But why DIRIJOR?


Cost-efficient solution for asset management, with advanced features included in the system.

Improved asset maintenance

Automatic reminders that ensure timely maintenance of assets.


Simple to use and provides exactly the level of reporting required by organisations.

Improved productivity

Automated maintenance reports, help organisations to make well-informed decisions.

Easy to use technology that helps be more efficient

Gives every user a way to access all the tools and knowledge faster. Highly adopted, frictionless software is very easy, convenient to use.

People, tools and operations work together as one entity

Give every  team the ability to efficiently manage work orders, assets, and maintenance to deliver faster resolutions. Provides access to all passive and active activities and data with full visibility, predictive reporting and analytics.

Integrated across your systems

Purpose built solutions that integrates passive and active data to make important business decisions.
  • Waste less time on administrative tasks;
  • Customize and automate reporting;
  • Cut waste and rework.

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